Tender market service


Tender market service

What is the tender market service ?

The Tender Market is a service where you can easily, freely and without obligation ask for offers from many potential suppliers at the same time. The service was started in 2019 for the provision of craft assignments, and is constantly expanding with new service areas.

Let The Tender Market service help you get started!

When you want to do a job, it is often very difficult to get started.But not anymore, tender market jon mpesaduka have change it. 


Your normally question.. 

Who should you contact to get the job done? How can you know that you are getting the right price? Should you have contacted more suppliers?


At tender market you don't have to worry about such things. You register the assignment you want to have done and then we communicate it to relevant suppliers in your immediate area. Follow the offers sent to you, and you can choose the supplier you like best - peace of mind!


Register your tender today and get the job done

Registering a tender with us is free and without obligation.


We have many companies from many industries across the country in our supplier list.


Our suppliers hopefully respond quickly and give you a serious offer.


Compare the different offers before choosing what you like best.



What do you need help with?


Log in procedures, register.. 

How do I place a job on a tender?

Click on this link and follow the instructions and your assignment will be sent to suppliers shortly. 


(Mpesaduka need to aprove it) 




1.When will my tender become active and visible at the Tender Market?

Requests that are submitted before 16:00, will be approved the same day.

Requests made after 5 p.m. 16:00, will be approved the following day.

Requests made after 5 p.m. 16:00 on Fridays, will be approved on Mondays

2.How long is my tender active? 

The assignment will remain active in our database until you have announced that you have found a supplier or up to 30 days.


3.How do the suppliers contact me after I have placed a job on tender?

The tender will be sent by e-mail / sms to relevant suppliers for your assignment. Suppliers then contact you via email / phone with their offer


4.Do I have to make use of a supplier via the Tender Market?

No. Registering a request via MpesaDuka.com is 100% binding


5.Has Tenderstorget quality assured the suppliers for me?

We collaborate with several industry registries. It is also clearly visible if the supplier you are considering using is registered in the VAT register. We exclude companies that have received bad reviews.


6.Can Tender market help me if a dispute arises with a supplier?

We will try to contact the supplier to find a solution. In some cases, we also choose to exclude the supplier until they resolve the dispute.

But its your independent responsibility to make a good contract before the job.

Dont pay more, than the person or Company have deliver/work for. 


7.How can it be free to use the Tender Market?

Vendors pay to receive assignments. This makes the service free for you.


Good luck! 




KENYAN first online tendering service and we distribute many assignments customers annually.

We tailor our tender solution based on your wishes, so that you get the assignments you want to tender for.

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