About us


After the Idea to start a FREE website, and help people marketing local product, we look fot a good and strong name and brand, people can easy remember. 

We chose the name mpesaduka.com, cause duka are the old swahili name for a small shop. M- the modern mobile ,and pesa are "money".

The logo mean something extra.

We got the idea from The tricolors of the Kenyan flag .

It tell a lot about Kenyan history.The flag is a symbol of national unity and pride of the Kenyan people.

The black color, which appears at the top, represents the people of the Republic of Kenya.

Post-office red represents the sacrifices and bloody price for freedom from British colonialist

The green color at the bottom stands for the fertility of the lands and richness in natural wealth. It represents agriculture and national reserves, which form the backbone of the country’s economy.

The ring of "sand color" representing the Savannah, the African and kenyan wild life.

A Masaii member wrote to us:"

The site is a very good idea I like it!

Would love to be part of it too in case there's anything I can do e.g. marketing...  I'm willing to help I have internet all day all night." 

This give us extra inspiration to make it better, and better....and better.

Mpesadukas management.

MANAGER Glory Kendi 


Garbage solutions


CEO/FOUNDER  Sigve Varholm

TLF +4740310231 (whatsapp-write to me)



If you donate some money, basically we use it on Mpesaduka,to keep it FREE.

And if we get some extra, we help people with education,food and other charity so far we can afford.

The picture from a Masaii friend.

We have also a dream to do something with garbage, help to build up solutions for burning garbage and make electricity- #can we change the world

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