An old friend shared a feature that irresponsible Norwegians had planned to travel abroad.

In his echo chamber, people are making negative comments about the travelers.

There is no way in which terrible those who considered traveling were.

Think they should be stoned, whipped and burned?

People's collective stupidity has stopped surprising me these days.

They do not read anything other than MSM, they do not know a shit about viruses, not about vaccines and hardly about the immune system, nutrition and health in general.

They do not examine, do not read, and are completely brainwashed.

They do not know anything about basic laws and rules either (thinking of the Constitution). But meaningful, they demand to be.

The rest of us, who have read us, are just crazy conspiracy theorists in their world. It's a world at least I do not want to be a part of. We are moving towards a division of society, family, friendship, and we will see it in the workplace, in school, in cultural life and in sports. Well done, Erna, Høie and FHI, - you can probably destroy even more, - just stand on! The most depressing thing is to see how many people devour their lies, completely without counter-perceptions.

The question is whether the rest of us have the strength to have anything more to do with you? Friendships are going to be broken, families split up, but unfortunately it will be a possible scenario? Here is my response to the post:

Especially now that there is a BRAND NEW MUTTERED VIRUS that is 250 times more contagious than the one we have, I think they said in two weeks?

No, folks, here you just have to put on double or triple face masks and goggles.

Do not walk on the street either. Do as in Spain, forbid people to walk in the woods without a bandage.

Get vaccinated every 6 months so as not to get too low immunity - for the rest of your life!

Do not look at the usual death rates in any country, they are normal. This is very dangerous. Do not visit each other either, use phone and skype instead. Close bars and restaurants throughout the flu season - every single year.

Stop traveling somewhere, rather watch TV and find old photos - safer that way. I think Nakstad, the government and FHI should receive the Nobel Prize for the fantastic work they do.

And remember, let the old ones sit without visiting, we do it to protect them! Close regular schools, let the children sit alone online.

Put sports and cultural life in the same sling, safest way?

That the Constitution says something completely different from what we are doing now is completely reprehensible - it must be changed immediately!

I also think we should have our own TV channel that broadcasts updates and warnings against this terrible situation 24 hours a day.

Let's warn each other about the death virus on all social platforms, - continuously.

Then we can be safe, finally. Stop using the cabin, too dangerous. Maybe we should just get the most necessary right sent to the door by people in full infection control equipment as well.

Do not go out, there are irresponsible people out there!

Maybe we should consider taking the children from them and imposing the death penalty for such thugs? Had probably been safest.

Have a wonderful weekend in the sign of fear .....


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