"The senate voted on whether impeachment was constitutional. That's not their place to decide that.  Since there clearly is a question, it should have been sent to SCOTUS to rule on."

"Since its landmark ruling in the 1803 case of Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court has, through the process of judicial review, acted as the ultimate interpreter of the Constitution."

"The only ones that CAN do an Interpretation or change to the constitution is the Supreme Court not the Senate."

"They don't have authority to vote on how the Constitution should be interpreted. That's exactly what they did yesterday when they voted whether this fraud impeachment was Constitutional or not."

"As I’ve said before! Our president knows what he is doing! Watch him impeach all those 56 for doing the job of the Supreme Court! Bravo move!"

"Since Chief Justice Roberts refused to participate, is the Supreme Court even involved?  That just adds another layer of unconstitutionality to the whole circus!!  IMHO"

"The entire Senate (the target?) may have screwed themselves over by voting either way yesterday."

"Senate is the target; Where have I heard that before?"

"But we must wait for them to continue to violate laws. So that when the rest wake up we will be justified. As we the people will be retaking this country."

If Biden had won 81.2 million votes, why are they so psychotically worried that Trump will run again? If Biden is so extremely popular, why are they so furiously hysterical about Trump?

They're panicking, simply because Biden was nowhere near winning.

The Democrats have now spent 2 days without presenting a shred of evidence. On the contrary, they are taken in presenting several false proofs along with articles quoted from MSM. It plays on emotions and absurd interpretations along with a commissioned propaganda production in the spirit of Operation Mockingbird spirit from a professional film company.

The scenario is as if drawn straight from a psychopathic manual. The world is witnessing the projection of history where the roles are turned upside down. The wicked fight to appear as the good, while the light is presented as the dark. It's a dirty unscrupulous fight.

I am glad that the Democrats themselves have put the world's spotlight on what "insurrection and sedition" is. This will come back and hit them hard.

Another thing is that everyone in the Senate who has voted for this impeachment circus has been guilty of violating the constitution, which in turn qualifies for "impeachment and removal from office" ... ?


I popping popcorn and prepare.

The show ,they laughed..


And the result..

At same time you visit mpesaduka,let me show you something Trump STOPPED. 
Case after case..this is no joke  link
One of the reason they hate Trump link
One of the BIGGEST thing Donald Trump have done see link 

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