We caught them all

We caught them all

Yes, it took time, and many people lost heart, because nothing happened, because it seemed to many that the enemy would get away with everything again.

No, nothing is forgotten. Durham wasn't sitting in a corner doing nothing. Everything that was ever done had a specific purpose at a certain time.

Durham didn't leave. He's still there. He is a special investigator and does not depend on the attorney general, who is now Biden's protege, Merrick B. Garland. Durham has never stopped investigating, and the fact that we do not hear anything about him does not mean that he was and remains inactive. 

All charges are still sealed, and there are more than a hundred thousand of them. Deep State players still have a lot to do. And just at the right time.

Not earlier and not later. There are enough signs and hints that this works and has worked all the time, but no direct evidence. When Trump spoke about the big storm four years ago, he was referring to the time when everything will come together.

Hail, lightning, wind, everything is flying uncontrollably around the Deep State. Unprecedented chaos, the like of which the world has never seen, will begin when people fully understand how they rigged the elections.

Deep State will try to cause a communication outage so that people don't know about all this. There may even be a power outage due to cyber attacks on the network.

There have been more and more such events lately, these are test runs.
From the very beginning, it was not planned to win many small battles.

The plan was to win the war. And the only way to do this is to show people everything that the Deep State has ever done, what it does and how their system works.

This is the only way people can accept it. Everything that is happening now is not an accident.

Patriots are well equipped and prepared for future events, regardless of what the Deep State is trying to do. We are now on the offensive. 
The Deep state, fake news, corrupt politicians, an invisible enemy-now they are in a panic. They know that in August there will be information that will seriously damage their entire system.

We learned from General Flynn that around this time they are planning a false flag attack. We know from the Q messages that there are some red lines that can and should be crossed.

The patriots lit a red flare, signaling the beginning of the offensive to everyone. Trump held his first rally in Wellington, Ohio, explaining to everyone what the Deep State is doing, what they used Covid for, how they rigged the election and that they completely changed everything that Trump achieved during his four years as president.

The people stand behind Trump and the patriots. It doesn't matter what they say. Fake media, big technologies, and even more corrupt politicians.

This is the greatest operation. Let the enemy commit his crimes, do not bother him, write everything down and use it against him.

The only reason the Deep State still has power and can work is because of its lies in the media, social media corporations, Hollywood, sports and all the other amplifiers that people still trust. But the truth can no longer be stopped.

When people experience this and realize that the Deep State controls everything, they no longer believe a single word they say. The process continues and it is irreversible.

Trump and the Patriots are now setting the narrative for upcoming events. This should give the impression that Trump has nothing to do with this, does not even know what is happening.

Optics are very important in this operation. The Deep state is being destroyed, and it should not be disturbed in this process. And, of course, this also includes their most important propaganda tools - the mass media.

Trump continues to build a narrative that the election was stolen. 
The proof of this will be published in August. All the rumors that Trump will return to power in August come from fake media.

Forget it. Forget about time. Forget about your expectations. When the time comes, everything will come together.

Does it matter if it happens in August, November or January? No. Always think about the main thing that is being discussed. It is about exposing, crushing and destroying their system, about the truth that all people should understand.

Everything that has come out over the past few months should be accepted and processed by people. This also applies to crimes against children.

Only when people can understand this, they will be able to comprehend the truth. With things like election fraud, it's still relatively easy. But when it comes to crimes against humanity, child trafficking for sexual exploitation and the world of pedophiles, it will be simply unimaginably difficult for many. 

Everything revolves around the awakening of people, everything that happens, and everything that we see.

Whether it's a forensic audit of the presidential election, the struggle of parents against the treatment of their children with hateful ideologies such as critical racial theory, masking in schools and other places, and, of course, vaccination.

Anyone who is brainwashed by the system agrees with these things, obeys them and approves of them. 45% of Americans are vaccinated, and the rest are not (in other countries, the situation is almost the same - the majority rejects vaccination).

This alone speaks for itself. And all the Deep State players, puppets and their followers who spread, support and promote this hoax will lose their jobs.

Senior positions are already jumping from a sinking ship, because they know what awaits them.

The Great awakening is in full swing. It's not just a few people who are following Q or Trump supporters. No, people are really waking up.

The stronger the pressure of corrupt politicians and the media, the worse it is for them. People don't believe them anymore. It was supposed to happen.

People had to see it first in order to wake up, so that they would never forget it. Soon it will be the turn of the Patriots, and the players of the Deep State will no longer know where to turn. Their hours are running out.

Which government will take over when there is evidence of election fraud? We have only one chance to eradicate the Deep State system once and for all. And this is the last chance.

So everything needs to be done correctly. And everything that we are seeing now is strategically planned in advance. Trump is following the path of law and order, and this requires strong evidence.

The lawsuit that Trump filed against social Internet companies affects not only himself, but also the blocking of his account.

This is a class action lawsuit, which will be joined by thousands of patriots who were censored and banned on Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

Social networks cooperate with government agencies and deliberately violate people's rights. And, apparently, even Congress is involved in this.

Imagine how huge this alone can be?
Trump and the Patriots bypass fake news and social networks, bringing the truth to the American people through other channels.

Instagram Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, Trump has been away from Twitter for a long time, but he is making one statement after another.

They appear in Telegram, as well as on other platforms and are transmitted millions of times.

People understand who is a liar, and who is telling them the truth. And now they also know that social Internet companies are working with the government to block all comments and information that they do not like.

Trump, the patriots and all the digital soldiers have become an invincible force, while the Deep State with its propaganda media has not changed, despite all the censorship measures.

And every day more and more people are tired of being lied to again and again, as well as being taught and censored. But Trump's speeches in public, his rallies and events, as well as visits to major events always attract large crowds and cause applause.

How many things are happening. Trump with his class-action lawsuit against Internet companies, current events in Cuba, the struggle of parents with critical racial theory in schools and the requirements of disguise for children.

And much more. And this will continue and increase. People also refuse to be vaccinated. And the more effort they put in, the more resistance they face.
Different countries comply with the requirement of the Deep State to vaccinate all people. 

Why? Because their presidents themselves belong to the Deep State.
Who should defend themselves now? 
Corrupt politicians, false media, big technologies. Who screams and whines all the time? Trump? Patriots?

No, this is the Biden government. These are the left-wing Democrats. These are fake news and social Internet corporations.

They want to prevent forensic checks in the elections by sending hundreds of lawyers to Maricopa County or Biden to Pennsylvania, they oppose it every day, censor it, block it, delete it and threaten it. Is this what someone Controlling looks like? 

No, this is what someone looks like who has lost control, panics and is afraid that everything will come out very soon. Because every day the number of people who see the system and begin to resist increases.

What we are about to see will be the greatest special operation in history. And in such an operation, you allow the enemy to commit crimes and conditionally shoot them on video so that everyone will know and see everything with their own eyes.

And that's what we're going through right now. The Patriots have everything, all the dates, all the details, all the evidence. We caught them all. This is the event of the century.