The Sovjet, EU, UN, WHO, WEF and the Globalist. 

The Sovjet, EU, UN, WHO, WEF and the Globalist. 

Kolomoysky vs Zelensky. Burisma Holding. Poroschenko and Biden mafia. The Sovjet, EU, UN, WHO, WEF and the Globalist. 

An Analyses of Geopolitics connected to the ongoing War in Ukraine and from a Globalist perspective.

Kolomoysky vs Zelensky. Burisma Holding. Poroschenko and Biden mafia.

Is a corrupt Ukraine oligarch, who is still the owner of Burisma Holding in Cyprus.
Hunter Biden and Big 10% Joe Biden were part of the criminal conspiracy, not only about
1. defraauding Ukraine citisens on natural gas
2. But also on electricity.
These cases are in process by Ukraine prosecutors in 2021-2022. On tape.


Ukraine prosecutors were deep into these cases, and Joe Biden got it stopped.
Petro Poroschenko was part of the criminal mafia style fraud.

Privat Bank was also owned by Kolomoysky, and he defrauded this and escaped for some time to Israel 
And Switzerland.

This Scandal was taking place or exposed in 2016 - and ongoing to 2019

It was nationalized after becoming insolvent in 2016: by then President Poroschenko.

Some details:

A stress test of Privatbank had noted “imprudent lending policies” and Ukraine’s central bank initially said that 97% of its corporate loans had gone to “related parties” of the main shareholders — Igor Kolomoisky and Gennadiy Bogolyubov. An assessment that both disputed.

The IMF, which had given Ukraine a $17.5 billion aid package in 2015, backed the nationalization but insisted earlier this year that “it is important that the authorities continue their efforts to recover losses from former owners and related parties of failed banks.”

In early 2018, the central bank released the findings of an investigation by corporate investigations consultancy Kroll that said that, prior to nationalization, Privatbank had been subjected to “a large-scale and coordinated fraud over at least a 10-year period ending in December 2016.” Again, Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov denied those allegations.

Disputes between the former main shareholders and the government have taken place since 2016 with multiple legal battles (reportedly 600). There have been attempts by the state to recover losses from Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov, who themselves argue that the nationalization was done on spurious grounds.

The chances that Privatbank could be returned to its former owners were boosted in April when a Ukrainian court ruled (in the last days of former leader Petro Poroshenko’s presidency) that the nationalization was illegal.

Close observers of Ukraine’s new president are keeping a close eye on whether Zelensky could be influenced by Kolomoisky with whom he has business ties. Zelensky is a former comic and actor who starred in a hit TV show called “Servant of the People” (about an ordinary man who becomes president) that was produced by his own production company but broadcast on Kolomoisky’s 1+1 TV channel, which has shown other shows featuring Zelensky.

Kolomoisky was widely seen as one of Zelensky’s main backers and his channel boosted Zelensky’s visibility and popularity ahead of the April election that saw him defeat Poroshenko.

However, Zelensky has repeatedly said he is not under Kolomoisky’s influence, stating ahead of the election that “I’m not a toy in the hands of Kolomoisky,” Ukrainian news agency Interfax reported in March.

Comments and analyses:

1. Kolomoisky has been clear on policy issues: No to NATO and No to EU.

2. Whilst Zelenskij has proven that he has 100% different policy goals.

He acts independently of declared main policies of Kolomoisky.

 So more such evidence:
From the article:
The oligarch said last week that he had met with the president on September 10 for the first time since his inauguration, following an invitation. Zelensky’s press office was reported as stating on a Facebook page that the meeting was about “doing business in Ukraine” and about the energy sector.

Kolomoisky told reporters Friday at an energy summit that he had not discussed the future of Privatbank with the president. But eyebrows were raised when Kolomoisky signaled the dispute could be better resolved under Zelensky’s leadership. “We (Privatbank’s former owners) do not agree with the nationalization, this dispute is easier to resolve today than under the previous president,” he said, according to Reuters.

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk added fuel to the fuel to the fire when he told the Financial Times newspaper earlier this week that he was positive “about any rhetoric directed towards searching for a compromise.” But he later told Reuters that no negotiations over Privatbank were taking place.

Almost 3 years into Zelenskijs presidency, no negotiation have started on Privat Bank.

No collusion on Policies 

Like with Biden, Poroschenko and Kolomoisky.

So, the factual claim, by Pål Steigan, and others, of such a corrupt link between Zelenskij and Kolomoisky are unfounded.

For Ukraine, Zelenskij is a blessing compared to previous corrupt mafia Oligarchs Presidencies.

There are proven links between Kolomoisky and eralier private, now state military units.

These are indeed Nationalistic, but not with a Nazy ideology, like claimed by Putin and his trolls, including the Norwegian communist Pål Steigan.

The name Banderas today, represents Ukraine Nationalism, and Ukraine Democracy, not totalitarian fascist Nazi ideology. The Russian Putinism, on the other hand, is clearly fascistic.

German and French politics, and the corrupted EU regime, are clearly also fascistic in nature, with strong reference to the recent 2 years of Covid Plandemic totalitarian rule.

In my opinion, we can see a strong ideoligical alliance between the Christian Conservative republics of Poland and Ukraine and The Trump USA MAGA political platform of strong, independent Democratic Nation states, opposed to Globalist EU, Germany and extra Totalitarian Russia and China, who are both totally opposed to the self destructive Green Movement.

Poland has proven that without a doubt.

Ukraine, under Zelenskyj, as well.

It was Trumps USA who provided Javelin and training, along with the historical ally, UK.

Whilst Obama offered blankets in 2014, and Scholz some helmets, in 2022.

Whilst they do ZERO to stop funding Putins war machine by reducing Gas and Oil purchasw.

Because EU, Germany and France, are totally compromised, like Trump said in 2019-2020:
And Ronald Reagan warned about in the 1980`s.

The fact is that Gorbatsjov and KGB had cultivated tens of thousands of politicians and political left leaning journalists in all the period from 1960. - 2022. For 60 years. If not much longer.

Westen is compromised, from New Zealand and Australia, through Europe, Usa, Canada, South America, with UN and WEF as NGOs on steroids.

It is time to realize this, and to Build Back Better, wih National Democratic and regional suvereign governments.

Alliances like NATO might be good, for Defence, but the last 25-30 years it has failed. Because Europe is compromised. By Russian corruption and energy. 7 mill EUR to Schroeder… etc.
UN is not useful. Neither is WHO. They have become corrupted harmful criminal mafia operations.

In order to understand the link between USSR, EU, UN, and the WEF Globalist Mafia Cartel,
It is important to understand that the Green Movement was started in Moscow by Gorbatsjov.

And that The Perestroijka was a Masterfull Deception Operation, as written in the book of Anatolij Golitsyn, one of the most important KGB defectors ever.

That bind it all together ; Disarming the West, by the Deception Illusion Active Measure, that Sovjet is no more an enemy, and the Cold war was over.

This was possible to pull through, because KGB had infiltrated the West so extremely successfull by 1990.

The Glasnost and Perstroijka was nothing but a Russian Maskirowka.

Or Gasligthing, like the radical US Democrat now is so good at…

Superbly trained by their Russian Globalist friends.