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CAS 1309-48-4 Magnesium oxide
MW: 40.3044
Density: 3.58 g/cm3
Melting point: 2852 ° C
Boiling point: 3600 ºC
EINECS accession number: 215-171-9
Appearence:white powder

Magnesium oxide CAS 1309-48-4 application:
1. Light magnesia is used in ceramics, enamels, refractory crucibles, refractory bricks, etc., and also used as polishing agent, adhesive, paint and papermaking filler, neoprene rubber accelerator and activator. Used in medicine as antacid, laxative, and also used in glass dyes, phenolic, plastics and other industries.
2. Dead-burned magnesia, namely magnesia, has granular and brick shapes, and is widely used as a refractory material in steelmaking furnaces, cement kilns, glass burning furnaces, etc.
3. Alkaline granular refractories are mainly used in metal refining industry. Block refractories are used as furnaces, or granular refractories are used as maintenance materials. They are sprayed or coated on the furnace wall to enhance the furnace's fire resistance.
4. Magnesium oxide produces a positive charge in the water, and most of the suspended matter is negatively charged, which plays a role of absorption and can improve the filtering effect.

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